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A company built upon a foundation of strong virtual networking and community-building

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Our success is not built on our talent and expertise alone. Experience in building collaborative networks of business professionals in the virtual world give us a tangible edge that we can provide to our clients.

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If you want your company to lead in the virtual world, trust our innovative leaders to develop the solutions to put you on top.

If a company is considering a business solution in the 3-D online virtual world, chances are, it is being driven by forward-thinking leadership. Anyone can implement technology to provide solutions, but forward-thinking innovators can maximize technology to vault their company into a leadership position in their industry.

Anyone can build a virtual meeting space or virtual communication tool, but Virtual Innovative Opportunities (ViO) provides the most dynamic and effective virtual networking and marketing support in the virtual world. Our success is community-driven. Forward-thinking businesses can count on our leadership to support their business virtually, or to build their own virtual community.

Join A Community of Business Leaders

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The ViO business community attracts and serves the needs of some of the top businesses in the world, including Fortune 500 companies. Providing valuable in-world services, such as network marketing, focus gorups, orientation, avatar development, and PR, ViO helps to make the transition in-world smoother for out-world companies.

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Virtual business incubator connects enterprises in a collaborative virtual environment to improve their bottom line Click to read the ViO press release

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ViO supports its dynamic business network with the best package of solutions available: immersive meeting spaces, custom marketing and PR solutions, and interactive events.

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If you are considering investing in a business solution using cutting-edge virtual world technology, there is no better platform to begin with than Second Life®. Many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, explore their initial solutions within the Second Life® grid because of the relatively low cost for virtual workspace and business solutions. The biggest advantage, however, is access to superior social networking. While others were focusing on technology or aesthetics, ViO chose to focus on developing and supporting social networks. It is no surprise that ViO currently has one of the most dynamic business networks that exist in any virtual world.